Friday, August 19, 2011


It was almost nine o'clock on a Friday evening several months ago when I was sitting at the bar ( Sidelines- Kennesaw ) having had a nice Rueben sandwich with my iced-cold draft of Icehouse, of course. I had just paid my tab and noticed as I pulled away from the stool that a band had come in and set up the drum kit - adjusted the speakers, mikes and guitars. I wasn't ready for what I was about to encounter. I had no interest in any Headbanging or Rapp-Krapp -

When young Truett Lollis first gave up a little warm up riff and Theron Peterson filled his hands with those sticks then Jonathan Norwood came on with the bass guitar - The world stopped !!! I kid you not !!!

Needless to say, I sat back down and I do believe I was one of the last guys to leave this place three sets and 5 hours later.

I was speechless!
It was unbelievable, inspiring to witness this and to be transported in this way to a place I cannot take myself.

I am not a musician by any means, but I know what moves me, I appreciate talent when I see it, I know what touches me and grabs me. This music takes me to "THAT PLACE" I cannot take myself - so with that said I say, "Thanks for the ride."

After the first short break young Truett Lollis walked past me, I grabbed him and put my arms around him, looked him in the eye and told him that he had been blessed with a great gift. Terrific stage presence and powerful.

I was hooked and have been following them ever since.

Since that night I have been introduced to some of the finest blues musicians around.

The Truett Lollis Trio -
Rememember this Name

Sidelines - Kennesaw
Dixie Tavern - Marietta
The Tavern Bells Ferry - Woodstock
Jeffrey's - Johns Creek
Loco's - Alpharetta
RAW - Chattanooga, TN
Sidelines The Local - Marietta
Darwins' - Marietta

" The Way I See You " 8/2011 Dixie Tavern Marietta, GA

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