Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thoughts - for Family and Friends

Real Important - for Sons Daughters all Grandchildren and Friends

I feel really blessed to have the opportunity now to meet new friends that share the same passions I have about things and about the music that moves me.

Also thankful for the people in my life that have remained in my heart and my thoughts over the years.

I have an opportunity, now, to revisit them now in my mind - in my heart and for those available to be seen in person perhaps it would be good to get in touch with them in some way let them know they weren't forgotten for what-ever that might accomplish. Usually, we human beings look back and think or say to ourselves when we lose someone, " I wish I had done this or that" or told someone something after it was too late to tell them or share kindred thoughts and love as one passes on.

This brings me to think, again, on a theory I have been thinking about for some time having to do with everyone having their own unique " Life Path " -

This life path has a beginning and an end - we never know how long this life path is, though -
Some we know pass away long before we think they will. The younger we are the more INVINCIBLE we seem to think we are. The older we get the
quicker the days weeks and months go by - we wake up one day and ask "Where did the years go?"

The Life Path -
People cross our life path at different times for different reasons uniquly designed and orchestrated. Some come into our life
early and they are there forever. Some enter our lives for a moment, a minute, a week or for years and they go out. Some touch our hearts and minds, some touch our souls and they stay there forever. Strangely, some although not visible, not tangible are more present with us than others. In the good book - NEW TESTAMENT - Hebrews, I believe it's Chapter 13:2 Reads something like
" ... we entertain angels unaware ."

NIV Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.

Maybe that's it - our Creator - Master of the Universe places people in our lives by design exactly when we need them to hear, to share. to glean a blessing for our lives -

I like Clarence Oddbody, a lot. BUT , you know what, even Uncle Billy Bailey, fallible, simple and as passionate as he was about the important things had angels and found a blessing. ( I A W L reference 1946 ) by the way the year before my birth, no less ??!!! a premonition, maybe?

So, I think that if we are tuned in while riding this life line we can recognize and we can receive intended blessings along the way. In doing so engage in and discover our passions.

In closing, I feel a need to share this before I forget to or would otherwise fail to write it, share it, preserve it thus regret not doing so.....

Here goes:

I believe that after examining and taking an inventory of myself, past and
present state of mind and heart. I have discovered something that, for me, is deep, passionate and mysterious. It has been another tuned in Blessing. I have always enjoyed music of all genres - There's not much for me since mid 1980s anyway, albeit the occasional instrumentals and movie sound tracks. ( Titanic - Rudy - )In that regard, I admit I'm not very Hip to the new Hop. But I digress.

The association and the comraderie I am experiencing now within the Blues community is so fulfilling and meaningful to me - it is feeding me in a way that I never imagined. ( Darwin's Burgers and Blues - Thursday Jams , other jams and gigs )
I feel there, I can employ my senses in this music. The musicians know I cannot and do not play myself, but I do appreciate their talent and their unselfish sharing of that talent that moves me. So I say to them. "Although, I don't play - When you do what you do up there on that stage it takes me to that place I cannot take my self. So, I want to THANK YOU for the Ride!"

Their response, individually, unsolicited is, " That's why I do it! " ... this is often said with a gleam and sparkle in the eye"!

Then there you have yet another pair of " tuned in" life paths crossing.

Enough for now.

It maybe a long time before anyone sees or reads this. Maybe never. That's Okay, too - Because, in putting this down I plea, pray and petition to my Creator, Higher Power and my God that in HIS infinite wisdom that each discover their own life path and get tuned in to God's Blessings and enjoy the ride uniquely designed for them (my children and their children ). May they all eventually know this and they find a passion and discover this feeling for themselves. .... and at least one of them PASS IT ON .

mra 11/19/2011


Anonymous said...

Not bad, It is good that you are able to enjoy these things and to realize that life has twists and turns - Importance of exploring your Passions and Sharing them.

Anonymous said...

I like this - it's inspiring and thoughtful -

Anonymous said...

John McKnight
That's absolutely beautiful Michael and just to see a smile on someone's face makes all the years of practice and performance worth it. Have a great Thanksgiving my friend, see you next week. Peace and love. John McKnight