Wednesday, January 28, 2015

IBC Memphis- 31 st International Blues Challemge

​ The 31st International Blues Challenge was a super event and the Atlanta Blues Society wants to thank the fantastic ambassadors we sent to represent us. We are once again tremendously proud of all three of our participants. The JP Blues band put on scorching performances in the quarter and semi finals. They were definitely one of the tightest and most polished bands on Beale Street. At least two of their judges from the quarter finals came to watch them in the semi finals and were surprised when they weren't selected to go to the finals. Blind Cadillac gave two very strong performances in the quarter finals, but as luck would have it, their venue had some very talented performers. Three of the acts that were selected from their venue went all the way to the finals and one came in second. GHP made us all proud of them and our youth program by giving the crowd an excellent performance in the youth showcase. They received many accolades from the crowd. There was a lot going in Memphis besides the competition. There were several showcases that highlighted many touring acts and of course the jams were fantastic. There were several gatherings and benefits for the Hart Fund that highlighted regional acts, such as the Candians and the Asian contingent. We thoroughly enjoyed all of it and can’t wait until next year which the dates are set for January 26-30, 2016. Your President and Co-President, Barb Hilke and George Klein. Here are the acts that placed in the Finals: Bands 1st Place-Eddie Cotton-Vicksburg Blues Society 2nd Place-Noah Witherspoon-Dayton Blues Society 3rd Place-Nico Wayne Toussant-So Calif Blues Society Solo\Duo 1st Place-Randy McQuay-Cape Fear Blues Society 2nd Place-Brian Keith Wallen-Dayton Blues Society Awards Best Self Produced CD Award-Ultra Fine Blues Band-Grafton Blues Society Lee Oskar Harmonica Award-Nico Wayne Toussant-So Calif Blues Society Best Guitarist, Solo/Duo - Cigar Box- Ben Rice-Ashland Blues Society Best Guitarist Bands - Gibson 335-Noah Witherspoon-Dayton Blues Society For more deatails go the Blues Foundation website:

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