Monday, April 29, 2013

Harmonica Blow-out @ Darwin's

April 27. 2012 go to this website for original article = Below Copied article Pasted here + Related topics •Atlanta blues •Live Music •atlanta live music •Darwin's •harmonica •Music . Saturday night Darwin's Blues Club in Marietta hosted a tremendous Harmonica Blowout, with some of the greatest harp players in the Atlanta area: Carlos Capote, Maurice Nazarro, Stoney Brooks, Joe Lee Bush, Jeff Baker, and Jon Liebman. We only got to hear the first four but that is enough for me to tell you that it was beyond great. The Cazanovas started things out, featuring Maurice Nazarro on harp. In fact, while Maurice handled hosting duties, Danny Vinson, Jacob Holiday and Theron Peterson of The Cazanovas played with Carlos Capote and Stoney Brooks as well, and they never even seemed to get a little bit tired. I have decided that Danny Vinson is my pick for best lead guitar player in a blues band in Atlanta, and Jacob Holliday is not only one of the best bass players but the most fun to watch! View slideshow: Harmonica Blowout at Darwin's April 27, 2013 Then Joe Lee Bush took the stage. He represented the more traditional blues harmonica player extremely well, and did a cool magic trick with some dollar bills, too! . Maurice Nazarro and Danny Vinson of The Cazanovas at Darwin's in Marietta Photo credit: Takesi (Ken) Akamatsu . . Mr. Bush was followed by Stoney Brooks, who played some exciting sounds and got the crowd dancing. Then Carlos Capote took the stage. He, Danny, Jacob and Theron really electrified the place and got the dancers in a frenzy in the tiny space there was for dancing. By that time, it was nearing midnight and we had to leave. Jeff Baker was just taking the stage and I would have stayed if I could have. I'm sure things got even hotter with Baker, Liebman and then the jam. I'll say again what I've said before: when you see that Darwin's is having a special event with more than one act, get out there. You're guaranteed to have a good time!

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