Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 17, 2012

We met at a dance on October 16, 1965.

At first, and at a distance, a simple chance of
of a glance.

We danced.

We smiled and We laughed.
We walked and We talked.
We gifted and We lifted.
We cried and We tried.
We cared We were scared.

We surrendered our hearts as We fell together.

We stayed and We played.
We had thoughts We had dreams.
We saw mountains We saw streams.
We talked plans We had dreams.

We knew t'was too soon
We had much to do to prepare

We went our ways for many long days
We abided.  We provided.

We had our own blessings and sadness
We had our own sorrows and gladness

We tried and We cried.

We knew there were plans that were out of our hands

We surrendered our hearts to our Father
We prayed and we had faith

We were apart as We prayed
We believed in His plan.

We knew of a time We know of a time.
We have this time now

We are grateful to God
We knew t'was all meant to be.

We wed in a chapel on November 17, 2012
Husband & Wife -
Living our Dream
Greeting the Train

Nina has a Mantra as any train passes in the distance anywhere, remember
" You are Loved by a Passionate Man that Adores You"!

10/19/1965  =        73
365 x 45 =      16,425
11/17/2012  =     340
Total Days = 16,838 days
46.13      Yrs
2405.43  Weeks

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