Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CAZANOVAS - Charlotte Blues Society Winners

National Blues Contest Memphis, TN

Congratulations and a shout out to the guys from the Cazanovas (from Atlanta) ....Danny Vinson, Maurice Nazzaro, Jacob Holliday and Theron Peterson for winning the 2012 Charlotte Blues Society Talent Competition... they will be heading to Memphis to compete in the national blues contest... These guys studied and researched for YEARS as to what kind(s) of blues the folks in Memphis like and what previous winners played to put them in the top category or become winners... and their hard work and dedication truely SHINED Saturday in Charlotte. I've been to blues contests all over the San Francisco Bay Area, Maui, Honolulu, greater Los Angeles area and now in North Carolina... so I've heard some of THE BEST in the blues world... and these guys put their heart and SOUL into their music and stage presence... which won them the CBS 2012 Talent Competition!
Pam Taylor Band placed a VERY HARD FOUGHT second and have every right to be incredibly PROUD of their performances... they gave 200 percent and we all appreciate and LOVE them VERY MUCH... Your band is DEFINITELY HEADING FOR THE TOP Pam and I EXPECT BIG THINGS out of you in the very NEAR future! (like touring around this country and probably overseas too!).
Junque Gallery was a complete surprise to most of us who hang at the Double Door. I'd never heard them before and was blown away by their great sound, which includes Rick Almond on the sax (Rick also plays with The Brubakers, a popular band out of Salisbury, NC). These guys have been practicing one weekend a month for over 14 years - because of great distances for some of them to travel... I predict they will be asked to perform in MANY MORE places as a result of this Talent Competition...!

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