Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This is the first stab at putting this song together - Collaberastion in process - It appears there are some updated versions of this song - This DOG song as set down by a Confederate veteran in Dublin, Laurens County Georgia and handed down to me by his great grandson:

My father, Bill Allen and youngest son (my brother Vic age about 10 ) traveled throughout GA in the early '60s to various political meetings. Vic was told the story and he came up with the tune played his six string flat top and entertained the crowds.

Onc't th' dawgs had a meetin; They come from far and wide...
Some come from city swells and some from th' mount'nside.

Before they cud be seated, they had to sign a book,
Then each Dawg had to take and hang his asshole on a hook.

Now as they got assembled, each Mother's Son and Sire,
A mangy little pooch outside began to holler "FIRE!!!"

So now they wuz a panic, they hadn't had time to look,
But each one ran and grabbed hisself an asshole off a hook....

A poodle got a pointer's ass and a bulldog got a houn'
That's why a white dogs ass is black and a black dog's ass is brown...

That's why when they're in the field or walkin' down the streets
A dawg will stop to sniff and smell of every dog's ass he meets.

And when you give him T-bone steak or ripe and juicy bone,
He'll leave it to smell of another dawg's ass--in hopes he's found his OWN !

After collaborating with brother Keith ( KP ) this morning he came up with the
correct and final version of the song.


I think you got it EXACTLY like Vic sang it !

I'll edit my version to fit yours !



Bill Allen


In a message dated 1/11/2012 10:30:34 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, kp222@bellsouth.net writes:

No I don't remember his name I just remember listening to it on your tape recorder!

Here Goes my remembered version:

Once the dogs had a Meetin
They came from far and wide
some came from city swells
some from the mountain side
Before they were admitted
or in the hall to look
each dog had to take his asshole off
and hang it on a Hook
before they were seated
Mother,sons and sire
One Mangy little Pooch stood up
and Began to Holler FIRE
Up they got and started
they didn't have time to look
so each dog at random
took an asshole off the hook
a fiest got a Poodles ass
a poodle got a Hounds
Thats why a white dogs ass is black
and a Black dogs ass is brown
Thats why when you see a dog
Just prowling around the streets
he'll stop and take a leak and
smell of every dogs ass he meets
Thats why when you feed him supper
a steak or juicy Bone
He'll leave it to smell of another dog ass
and hope he finds his own!!!

Thats IT !!!!---kp

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